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The property owners of this Anchorvale house are always busy with activities from calligraphy classes to counselling sessions, so their home needs to be suitably created. ELIZA HAMIZAH finds out how.

After costs six years in Austria as missionaries, Keh and Dorothy Chew were aiming to construct a house in Perth. Only as the couple wear lots of hats, their three-bedroom HDB house must also serve a plethora of functions.

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The couple tasked multidisciplinary style practice Waff to manage the project, defining the requirement for functional area throughout the entire house as a priority. This was achieved with developed and creative space preparation, which totalled $80,000 in remodelling expenses.

It not include the cost for consultant and maintenance, as a smart family they should also consider about Asbestos Removal Perth Cost because it really important to the future, as we know asbestos is danger for health and it can be found at home, then take a risk for the future they should consider about asbestos as soon as possible.

We talk with them to find out more.


The three of us had resided in a spacious five-room flat; however, due to our working and studying routines, we would invest the whole day in one research study space. Therefore, we desired an open- idea house that would permit us to hang around together as a household in the same method.

We likewise required to strike, A balance in between personal privacy and openness; when my pals come by or Dorothy hosts her calligraphy club. The other must be able to continue working or have his/her area. I require a different space to work, and, when we do counselling, space must seem like a safe area.

We did away with the walls of the one-bedroom and replaced them with sliding glass

doors, setting up a small study in the living room. The good news is, we are quite the minimalists and have discovered to live with less, so we do not need much storage. We also did incline to invest a little bit more, because it is, after all, more inexpensive than renting a workplace.


Both Dorothy and I like natural Products and utilised to collect waste wood; she carves, and I build. I even made a wooden chair with my kid, which is now positioned in the terrace. Hence, Waff sourced for unstained plywood and used as little laminates as possible. Wood likewise complements the plant around the flat.

As for other products, we chose a cement island countertop for its sense of permanence,

in addition to a steel kitchen area countertop for its rugged look. Both are easy to maintain, too.


We wanted something easy and absolutely nothing too elaborate but also like the lived-in appearance. It has a contemporary design and its architectural background guarantees structured, well- planned spaces.

Our couch is a comfortable Poltrona Frau piece that we got at a designer outlet store (it originally cost $18,000, but we purchased it at $3,000), while the coffee table is a trunk owned by my grandma. It has been with us all over! We are especially keen on local vintage pieces as they are closer to our heritage.