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My name is Coraline, lives in Nantes with my husband, two daughters and dogs, and I love to cook!

I was born in France and lived in Canada, Australia, Switzerland and Great Britain, but for the last 10 years the family has lived here in Nantes. I am an educated interior designer and worked in France in hotel and restaurant design as project manager. I have also worked in private furnishings and several of my projects have been published in French and international magazines.

While we lived in Canada, I studied at a Food and Wine institute and my passion for cooking was really alive. In 2008 I started this blog to document myself what I was doing in the kitchen. Over the years, the blog has evolved from a personal hobby project to a serious full-time job. I have been lucky and have worked with many talented food enthusiasts in France – from food writers, photographers, stylists, journalists, chefs, publishers and producers and have come into contact with many other great food bloggers.

I have been a permanent writer for the eminent food magazine in France, a guest writer for a magazine, and often take my writing and image assignments for other food publications. I also work with various food producers and develop relevant recipes and series for them.

Food on the table is the heart of all I do and I’m glad you’re here for a visit. Hopefully you will find inspiration and I hope that some of the dishes on the blog will find your way into your kitchen.

Love, Coraline